A place for ideas and happy stuff!

A place for ideas and happy stuff

April 7, 2012

How to Turn a Pin into a Magnet

Going through some old memorabilia, I came across a pin with sentimental value.  I didn't want to throw it in the trash, but had no use for it as a pin.  I decided to make it into a useful magnet.

Pin-Magnet Tutorial -

Step 1:  Remove the pin backing.

Step 2: Place magnet(s) on backside (make sure the magnets your using will be strong enough to hold both the weight of the pin and the miscellaneous papers or art projects you want to hang on the fridge or front door).

Step 3: Carefully pour in Mod Podge without moving magnets or getting glue ontop of the magnet face.

Step 4: Allow time to dry.  This may take a very long time, so you may prefer to do thin layers of glue so each layer will dry faster.  I poured all the glue at once and it dried enough to use after 1 day, but the glue didn't become completely clear for about 3 days because it was thick.

Step 5: Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for this! I have so many fun pins from back in the day, and I never get them out, but I could always use more magnets!

  2. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! Thanks so much!


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