A place for ideas and happy stuff!

A place for ideas and happy stuff

May 16, 2013

How to make your own luggage tags

Have you ever wanted to make your own personalized luggage tags?  Well, I recently went on a fantastic trip to Boston, but wanted to quickly find my luggage once the plane landed.  I loved this project because I finally found a reason to reuse a Lilly Pulitzer bag I'd stashed away.

Materials Needed:
- Laminate sheet w/ Laminator ( -or- Contact Paper -or- Self Sticking Laminate sheet)
- Decorative paper
- Ribbon


1.  Cut Paper into desired size and shape.  I cut up a thick paper bag from a fancy shop into squares about 4" wide.

2. Stack 2 pieces of paper together with design showing on the outside.  While keeping these 2 pieces of paper together, laminate (or place contact paper on both sides, sealing paper inside).

3.  Cut away laminate (or contact paper) from 3 sides of the paper.  If your paper has a top & bottom, cut away the sides and bottom edge of laminate, leaving a thick edging of laminate along the top.  You should now be able to open the papers like a book or greeting card and write your contact info on the inside.

4.  Use a razor blade or scissors to cut a slit along the bottom edge, wide enough to slide your ribbon through.  You can choose to place this slit along the top, but I prefer the bottom.  It keeps your personal info hidden from someone quickly passing by, but is easily read by someone in lost & found by removing the ribbon.

5.   Insert your ribbon and knot, if desired.  Then tie to your luggage.  I also like the idea of inserting both ends of the ribbon, creating a loop of ribbon on one side of your tag.  Feed both ends of the ribbon through the loop and tighten.  This securely closes your tag, but does not permanently knot the ribbon, allowing it to open easily at a later time.

Happy Travels!