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A place for ideas and happy stuff

September 2, 2011

Crochet Monkey Hat - Pattern

My niece wearing sweet monkey hat with flower.

- Monkey Hat -
I love this monkey hat!  It's so fun!  You can make it with or without earflaps - plain or with a flower - monkey colored or bright blue.  Be a little silly and make one for yourself and your favorite small person!

My niece getting prepared for UF's next football season.
Please note: I have not tested all size ranges to verify a proper fit for each age category, but they should be close.

My friend's daughter & husband.

Monkey Hat with Earflaps
*For personal use only, please do not sell pattern.*

Worked in continuous rounds, Do not join.
G hook = 3-6 mo's 
H hook =  approx 17" circumference 6-12 months (19" once stretched, 12-24 mo's)
I hook = should be 20.4"  circumference Kids
J hook = should be 21.8" circumference Ladies (may want to add 3 rows to increase height)

ch- Chain
SC- Single Chain
DC-Double Chain
Dec- Decrease
MR- Magic Ring (See bottom of post for instructions if you're not familiar with magic ring)

* - Repeat anything between two stars until end of row (or as specified)

Hat:  start with MR
1: 6 sc  in magic ring
2: 2 sc in each (12)
3: *2 dc , 1 dc* (18)
4: *2 dc , 1 dc* (27)
5: *2 dc, dc in next 2 ch*  (36) 
6: *2 dc, dc in next ch* (54)
7-12: dc in each ch around (54), at end of row 12: sl st ... then in next ch continue with round 13- this is the beginning of Ear flap 1 (or finish off to make hat without flaps)

(Flap 1:)
13: ch 2, 10 dc , turn (10)
14: ch 2, dec 2 dc , dc in next 6 ch , dec 2 dc , turn (8)
15: ch 2, dec 2 dc , dc in next 6 ch , turn (7)
16: ch 2, dec 2 dc , 5 dc , turn (6)   
17: ch 2, dec 2 dc , 4 dc , turn (5)
18: ch 2, dec 2 dc , 3 dc , turn (4)
19: ch 2, dec 2 dc , 2 dc , turn (3)
20: ch 2, dec 3 dc , finish off ... skip 17 dc spaces & follow steps for 2nd flap

Flap 2:  sl st to join yarn to 18th ch away from flap 1 (start next dc in same space as join)
1: ch 2, 10 dc , turn (10)
2: ch 2, dec 2 dc , dc in next 6 ch , dec 2 dc , turn (8)
3: ch 2, dc in next 6 ch , dec 2 dc ,  turn (7)
4: ch 2, 5 dc , dec 2 dc , turn (6)   
5: ch 2, 4 dc , dec 2 dc , turn (5)
6: ch 2, 3 dc , dec 2 dc , turn (4)
7: ch 2, 2 dc , dec 2 dc , turn (3)
8: ch 2, dec 3 dc , finish off 

Neck Flap- added on backside of hat starting in the same space as the last dc on row 13
1. Join yarn w/ sl st, Chain 2, sl st to the closest DC on 1st row of ear flap.
    17 dc , join w/ sl st to ear flap , turn.
2. Ch 2 , dec 2 dc (not in sl st, start in last DC) , dc 13 , dec 2 dc , turn.
3. Dec 2 dc , dc 11 , dec 2 dc , turn
4. Dec 2 dc , dc 9 , dec 2 dc , finish off.

SC around edge of hat in contrasting color.

How to add braided chin strap to ear Flaps:
1. Cut 6 strands of yarn (4 dark & 2 light).  
2. Group 3 strands together and fold in half.  Grab the halfway point and thread  that end through the bottom space of each flap, pulling it through just enough to create a loop sticking through the flap. Then pull the loose ends of the yarn up through that loop.  When you pull tight, this should lock the yarn in place. 
3. Repeat step 2 with the 3 strands of yarn left.
4. You will now have 6 strands of yarn hanging from both flaps.  Create 3 groups of yarn (with 2 strands each). Braid and tie the ends off with a knot.
-threading (pull loop of 3 strands inside of hat, then pull yarn ends through loop to fasten to flap)

Ears: (use same hook size used for hat)
1. 6 sc in magic ring
2. 2 sc in ea ch (12)
3. *2 sc , sc in next ch* (18)
4. *2 sc , sc in next 2 ch* (24)
-switch yarn color-
5&6. sc around , finish off.
Use the tail of yarn left to attach the ears to the hat using a large needle.  
Placement of ears: Starting at back edge of ear flap, count 4 dc forward and 4 rows up from the brim of hat.

Flower: start with MR

1: 11 SC in MR , join in first SC of round 1 , chain 1.       (Note: Yarn over both the MR loop of yarn and the yarn tail.  This will hide & secure it inside the flower.)
Now, Leave yarn tail dangling for round 2, do not yarn over tail again until round 3.
2:  SC in same stitch , chain 3 , skip a chain and *SC in next chain, chain 3 , skip a chain* (repeat 5 times to create 6 total loops)
-Change colors- 
slip stitch to new color in last SC of row 1 , pull yarn tail of MR tight closing up the center before starting round 3.       
3: *chain 1 , 6 DC , ch 1 , slip stitch to post of row 2* (repeat 6 times) , finish off.      (Note: This row creates the flower petals.  All DC's are made on the loops of ch 3's.  After changing colors, you will have 3 yarn tails- 2 of the first color used and 1 of the new color... yarn over all 3 yarn tails during round 3 to hide and secure them.)
for more flower patterns visit:

How to make a magic ring (MR):
ND non-dominant
D dominant
1.  With your non-dominant hand, hold a piece of yarn between your thumb and first two fingers with the yarn tail hanging down. 
2.  With your dominant hand, grasp the long end of yarn up away from yarn tail and down around the backside of ND hand. Continue this circular motion in toward you and up over ND hand so that it crosses over the yarn held in ND hand.  (Figure A)

3.  With dominant hand, let go of yarn and pick up hook.  Insert hook under bottom strand of yarn (Figure B) and hook over top strand pulling it under lower strand.  Now hook up and over ring and hook yarn (Figure C) pulling it through the loop that was formed on the crochet hook from initially hooking under the ring of yarn. Pull slip knot you just created tight. (Figure D)
4. You have now created the magic ring and can make your first round of stitches the ring by hooking under this ring of yarn while holding it taught.

For more help try:
General Crochet Tutorials thanks to Nexstitch
General Crochet Tutorials thanks to Crochet Geek blog ...aka crochet mania

Magic Ring Video Tutorial

***** I’m happy to share this pattern, but please credit me if you repost and please don’t sell without permission.******


  1. Yay for monkey hats! Excellent work, Amber!

  2. Thanks for the pattern! It turned out so cute! :)

  3. quick question - do I need to do a starting chain at the beginning of each new row?

  4. Hi, Leslie! Thanks for the question.
    No, you do not need to do a starting chain at the beginning of each row. This pattern is worked in continuous rounds, which means you don't need to join the chains at the end of each row. Just keep working in a continuous spiral. Keep crocheting!

  5. What brand & weight yarn should I use for the monkey hat & how much yarn used for the kid size?
    This is adorable!

  6. Good question. I used Lion brand Vanna's Choice yarn because it's washer/dryer friendly, has a nice selection of colors and feels soft. I don't remember how much yarn it uses, but it's less than 1 ball of Vanna's Choice. In the pictures, I think I used the following colors: Chocolate with Beige and Goldfish with Colonial Blue. The flower is Cheery Cherry (Vanna's Choice Baby) and Fern.

  7. I'm a little confused by the neck flap. Am I supposed to join each edge of rows 2,3, and 4, as well? Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but it looks funny to me without being joined. Could you maybe post a picture of the back of that hat to help clarify? Thanks in advance for any help! It is such a cute pattern!

  8. Thanks for your help the other day. It clarified things a bit for me. I'd love to be able to sell hats that I make from this pattern on my blog along with other crocheted hats I make. I saw that you wanted readers to ask permission before doing so. I would be sure to link to your pattern in my item description. Is that ok?

  9. What size hook did you use? Great hat!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Thank you so much for your free pattern.
    I made this for my grandson for Christmas. I took your basic hat and added a muzzle and eyes.
    It turned out great!
    You can see it here http://bidwellphotoshare.shutterfly.com/pictures/9
    my son (who's 1 month older than my grandson) is modeling it.
    Too cute!

  12. I wonder how you cope with all this stuff... How much time do you actually need to knit such a cute monkey hat? Working for http://edit-ing.services/, I forget a lot about knitting techniques and you freshed up my ideas:) Thanks a lot for sharing!


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