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A place for ideas and happy stuff

August 24, 2011

Crochet Gator Scarf for Kids - Pattern

Gator Scarf -

 Last year, I crocheted an alligator scarf for my little niece.  It turned out to be super cute! Sadly, I didn't take a fully done photo of it.

Left: Knit version - Right: Crochet version

Above is my crocheted  version all folded up, but complete. ^

I was inspired by a knitted gator scarf I saw by Knitter by Nature.
You can purchase the knit instructions from Morehouse Merino.  Right ---->

Here's a picture of me wearing my version before sewing in the yarn end or adding eyes.
<----- Left

I've not spent much time knitting and so I feel much more comfortable crocheting.  If you'd like to try crocheting, but need help learning, check out the blogs at the bottom of this post.  Then use the pattern below to make your own gator scarf.

Kids Gator Scarf
(Final Dimensions: 4 1/2" W x 36" L)
*For personal use only, please do not sell pattern.*
-Updated on 09/07/2011-

Supplies needed:
-1 ball of vanna's choice yarn , or 145 yards of medium/weight category 4 yarn
-Crochet Hook, size K
- fabric for the lining (optional)
-bias strips (to finish lining edges)
-9 mm plastic eyes or larger (optional)

Before you start:
- Use both loops unless BLO is notated
In general, this pattern uses back loops only for the inside area of the head and tail ... and both loops to finish the edges. 

ch- Chain
SC- Single Chain
HDC- Half Double Chain
DC-Double Chain
TC- Triple chain
Dec- Decrease
nxt- next
BLO- Back Loop Only
YO- Yarn over
* - repeat anything between 2 astericks
3HDC dec- YO, insert hook in nxt space, hook yarn and pull through, YO, insert hook in nxt space, hook yarn and pull through, YO, insert hook in nxt space, hook yarn and pull through (at this point you should have 7 loops on your hook), YO and pull yarn through all 7 loops on hook, chain 1 (for 5HDC dec, continue until you have 11 loops on hook, then YO and pull yarn through all 11 loops)

Chain 7
1. SC in 2nd chain from hook , SC in nxt 5 chains , ch 1 , turn. (6) 
2. 2 SC , SC in nxt 4 (BLO) , 2 SC , ch 1 , turn. (8)
3. SC , 5 HDC , SC in nxt 4 (BLO) , 5 HDC , SC , ch 1 , turn. (16)
4. SC in nxt 6 , SC in nxt 4 (BLO) , SC in nxt 6 , ch 1 , turn. (16)
5. 5 HDC dec (BLO) , SC , SC in nxt 4 (BLO) , 5 HDC dec (BLO) , SC , ch 1 turn. (8)
6. 2 SC , SC in nxt 6 , 2 SC , ch 1 , turn. (10)
7-10. SC , SC in nxt 8 (BLO) , SC , ch 1 , turn. (10).
11. 2 SC , SC in nxt 8 (BLO) , 2 SC , ch1 , turn. (12)
12-15. SC , SC in nxt 10 (BLO) , SC , ch 1 , turn. (12)
16. 2 SC , SC in nxt 10 (BLO) , 2 SC , ch 1 , turn. (14)
17. HDC , 10 DC , SC in nxt 10 (BLO) , 10 DC , HDC , ch 1 , turn. (32)
18. SC in nxt 11 , SC in nxt 10 (BLO) , SC in nxt 11 , ch 1 , turn. (32)
19. SC , *Dec 2 SC* (repeat 5 times) , SC in nxt 10 (BLO) , *Dec 2 SC* (repeat 5 times) , SC , ch 1 , turn. (22)
20. SC in nxt 6 , SC in nxt 10 (BLO) , SC in nxt 6 , ch 1 , turn. (22)
21. *Dec 2 SC* (repeat 3 times) , SC in nxt 10 (BLO) , *Dec 2 SC* (repeat 3 times) , ch 1 , turn. (16)
22. SC , SC in nxt 14 (BLO) , SC , ch 1 , turn. (16)
23. Dec 2 SC , SC in nxt 12 (BLO) , Dec 2 SC , ch 1 , turn. (14)
24. SC , SC in nxt 12 (BLO) , SC , ch 1 , turn. (14)
25. SC , SC , *in next space: DC,TC,DC, SC in nxt 2* (repeat 4 times) , ch 1 , turn.
26. SC , SC , *3HDC Dec over next 3 spaces, SC in nxt 2* (repeat 4 times) , ch 1 , turn.
27. SC in nxt 14 , ch 1 , turn. (14)
28-81. (Repeat lines 25-27 to create 19 rows of bumps on gator's back)
82. Dec 2 SC , SC in nxt 10 (BLO) , Dec 2 SC , ch 1 , turn. (12)
83-85. SC , SC in nxt 10 (BLO) , SC , ch 1 , turn. (12)
86. SC , SC in nxt 4 (BLO) , Dec 2 SC (BLO) , SC in nxt 4 (BLO) , SC , ch 1 , turn. (11)
87. SC , SC nxt 9 (BLO) , SC , ch 1 , turn. (11)
88. SC , SC in nxt 3 (BLO) , Dec 2 SC (BLO) , SC in nxt 4 (BLO) , SC , ch 1 , turn. (10)
89. SC , SC in nxt 8 (BLO) , SC , ch 1 , turn. (10)
90. SC , SC in nxt 3 (BLO) , Dec 2 SC  (BLO) , SC in nxt 3 (BLO) , SC , ch 1 , turn. (9)
91-93. SC , SC in nxt 7 (BLO) , SC , ch 1 , turn. (9)
94. SC , SC in nxt 3 (BLO) , Dec 2 SC (BLO) , SC in nxt 2 (BLO) , SC , ch 1 , turn. (8)
95. SC , SC in nxt 6 (BLO) , SC , ch 1 , turn. (8)
96. SC , SC in nxt 2 (BLO) , Dec 2 SC (BLO) , SC in nxt 2 (BLO) , SC , ch 1 , turn. (7)
97-99. SC , SC in nxt 5 (BLO) , SC , ch 1 , turn.(7)
100. SC , SC (BLO) , Dec 2 SC (BLO) , SC in nxt 2 BLO , SC , ch 1 , turn. (6)
101. SC , SC in nxt 4 (BLO) , SC , ch 1 , turn. (6)
102. Dec 2 SC , SC in nxt 2 (BLO) , Dec 2 SC , ch 1 , turn. (4)
103. SC , SC in nxt 2 (BLO) , SC , ch 1 , turn. (4)
104. SC , Dec 2 SC (BLO) , SC , ch 1 , turn. (3)
105. Slip stitch nxt 3 , then slip stitch to the first slip stitch at beginning of row 105.

Now the crochet part is done, to finish it, I used 12 mm black plastic eyes that I inserted through the eye holes in the gator's head.  Then I selected a fabric I liked an traced the crochet gator onto the fabric & cut out the shape.  Using the leftover fabric, I cut 1" strips to use as bias tape to finish the edges of the fabric.  Finally I hand sewed the fabric lining to the crochet gator.
whew! - DONE.

note: There are many ways of making and applying bias tape including special tools to make it faster & easier.  This is just a guide to get you started if you've never tried it before.  You can also purchase bias tape, but making your own allows you to choose any fabric.

How to make basic bias strip:
1. cut fabric into strips. (Properly done it should be cut at a 45 degree angle to the direction the threads are woven... This allows the fabric to drape better.  But for the gator I cheat & cut strips straight with the threads since it uses less fabric.)
2. Fold fabric strip in half lengthwise (wrong sides together) & iron to create permanent crease.
3. Open strip and use the crease created by the iron as a guide. Fold both outside edges of the fabric in to touch the crease.  Press with iron.
4. With both edges still folded in to center, refold strip in half on original creaseline & press again to complete. 

How to sew bias tape to fabric lining:
1. Open bias tape so you can see the creases on the wrong side of fabric.
2. Line the outside edge of tape, wrong side up, with the outside edge of the fabric, tracing it all the way around the gator cutout. 
3. Pin in place & then sew in the crease line.  One side of the tape is now sewn all around gator cutout.
4. Fold unsewn edge of bias tape under, then fold that half of tape over to the other side of the gator cutout.  Pin  that folded edge in place and sew down the folded edge.  This final stitch will go through both sides of the fabric and tape creating the finished look.

For more help try:
Video Crochet Tutorials thanks to Nexstitch
Video Crochet Tutorials thanks to Crochet Geek blog ...aka crochet mania
How to sew Bias Tape thanks to The Cottage Home
Bias Tape/Binding Tutorials thanks to Jaybird Quilts

***** I’m happy to share this pattern, but please credit me if you repost and please don’t sell without permission.******


  1. As always, loving life being creative. Considering all the possible animals you can make into scarfs it's a really cute idea -- I'm more partial to Owls (my alma mater). Have fun. Nice work Amber!

  2. I was so excited to post my first crochet pattern, that I did not thoroughly check for errors. Since I was working from some handwritten notes, there were a few mistakes. The pattern is now correct. I hope this wasn't too frustrating for anyone. Thanks for checking out my blog!

    1. Great pattern Amber! I noted a few things: Line #5 should read... SC, 5HDC dec (BLO), SC in nxt 4 (BLO), 5 HDC dec (BLO), SC, ch1 turn (8) to keep the nostrils balanced. And on the Abbreviations I read it and worked it as follows...
      SC > Single Crochet
      HDC > Half Double Crochet
      DC > Double Crochet
      TC > TR - Treble
      If I'm wrong please advise.

  3. Amber, I just found your pattern yesterday and I am making it today. It is soooo cute! You are very imaginative.

    I am making it for my friend's son. I am sure once he starts wearing it, she will have friends asking if they can buy one. I see that you don't want anyone to sell your pattern, but is it OK to sell the finished product?

  4. Response to Anonymous-
    Yes, you're welcome to sell any gator scarfs you make from my pattern as long as you ask permission, just as you did. Thank you for asking!
    I would ask you to please include a link to my blog or mention the name of it anywhere in your description for the product (such as: designed by amber at brightandshiny-lovelyandgood.blogspot.com). Something shorter is fine...Be creative!

    Someday, I may decide to sell them and post a change to my policy, but not in the near future. Until then,
    I'm just happy to share! :)

    Good luck Anonymous in your endeavors! I hope they're successful for you!

  5. this is the perfect scarf for a boy or girl. I love your design! can i please sell the finished product? i will for sure post a link referring this back to you!

  6. Son preciosos ,todos tus cocodrilos, Adeu

  7. I made these for my grandsons,now I was asked to make a couple . Can I sell the finished scarf?
    Thank you so much!

  8. Elizabeth, you may sell some of these gator scarves as long as you make sure to include a link to my blog or mention the name of it anywhere in your description for the product. I appreciate your interest and thank you for asking! I am pleased you like them.

  9. Please feel free to send your pictures, I'd love to see the gator scarves you've made!

    1. Helen mibowlingbuds@yahoo.comNovember 30, 2013 at 9:28:00 AM EST

      How do I send a picture? Thank you

  10. Thanks Amber... I posted as annonymous on Sept. 15.
    I have made a few as gifts and also sold a few. I've made mine a bit longer and did not use a lining (I crochet and knit but sewing is a bit too much for me!)

    I have some in various colors listed in my Etsy store if you'd like to see pics (with a link to your blog).


  11. Hi Amber,I follow your pattern (which is by far is the easiest pattern I ever follow) and best of all the scarf turn out really beautiful and my 6yrs old nephew adore it.From there couple people ask me if I could make some and sell it them.But I would lile to have your permission first.Thank you.

    Miss Milly

  12. You may sell some of these gator scarves as long as you include a link to my blog or mention the name anywhere in your description for the product. Sorry it took me so long to get back to. It's been a busy week. Thanks for your interest!

  13. Hi Amber! I posted as annonymous on Sept. 15. I just wanted to thank you for allowing me (and others) to sell scarves using your pattern. I have listed my version on etsy and have had a few sales. If you would like to see my pics you can check them out at esty.com/shop/shariromes I have them done in a few different colors.

  14. OOps! I see you already have one of the pics posted on your main page. I didn't think my message went through that day b/c when I tried to sign into google to post it told me that my google id was not allowed to post here or something like that.
    Thanks again for the inspiration!

  15. You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this matter to be really something that I think I would never understand. It seems too complex and very broad for me. I'm looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!
    Mikasachamp Leather Volleyball

  16. Evon, keep crafting and thanks for your interest! If you decide to tackle this pattern, I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about how to make it. Good luck!

  17. There is little difference between knitting a child's scarf and an adult scarf other than the size and color. Because children come in different ages and sizes, you will need to measure your child for the proper scarf length.

  18. Thanks for such a cool pattern, Amber! I normally don't work off of a pattern so it took me many starts and about an hour to actually figure it out, but once I got it, it's so simple and I'm happy with how awesome it looks! I'm making an orange and blue one (Florida Gator)

  19. I also saw the knitted gator scarf in various varieties but I am more pleased to be here for seeing such beautiful ideas in the scarf arena....as far as the looks are concerned I give the length of he scarf much preference than the other aspects.

  20. how would i make this for an adult, which row would i repeat to extend the length on this scarf? Love it and my boss loves gaters, she is going to love this for christmas (and she is way hard to shop for, so this is perfect). Thanks for the help

  21. Thanks for your interest! To make the scarf longer, just add more rows on 25-81. If you decide you want the scarf to be wider, you can add extra single chains in the middle of each row (add them in multiples of 2). For example, if you added 2 SC's, Rows 2&3 would be:

    2. 2 SC , SC in nxt 6 (BLO) , 2 SC , ch 1 , turn. (8)
    3. SC , 5 HDC , SC in nxt 6 (BLO) , 5 HDC , SC , ch 1 , turn. (16)

    Hope that helps. Good luck!

  22. Hi Amber,
    So cute! If I make some of these, can I sell them?

  23. Hi, Amber! Great pattern! May I have permission to work up some of these scarves and sell them at a local craft fair? I'll put a tag on each of them with a link to your blog. You definitely deserve credit for your adorable idea! You can also send me any additional stipulations (or an outright refusal) to my e-mail - amyandfamily5@gmail.com. I won't sell the pattern, only finished scarves. Thanks!

  24. i would also like permission to sell a few to people locally. I would make a tag with a link to your blog. This is such a cute idea!

  25. I would also like permission to make and sell some of these.....of course I would link back to you in the description :) Thank you for such a cute and easy pattern!!

  26. I LUV this gator scarf! We are doing an auction in early December to raise money for The Wounded Warrior Project. Is it okay to sell these at that auction? Thanks, Euna

  27. GrandmaSoucie, Crissi, & Anonymous - Yes, you may sell this pattern, but please attribute this blog as the pattern source. Thank you for your interest!

    P.S. Crissi, sorry it took so long to reply. I only realized today you had a no-reply email. Hope it's not too late!

  28. Hi, I LOVE this pattern. I made it for my son using your pattern for the head then I made the scales with the crocodile stitch. He is obsessed with it! Thank you! I would love to sell some in my Etsy shop if that's okay? I will absolutely link back to your site.

  29. Thanks for the lovely comment! You have my permission as long as you include that link. I'd love to see a picture! Send me a link to your etsy account sometime. Good luck!

  30. If you already answered this question, I apologize. but what is the number in parenthesis at the end of each line? Is it the number of stitches you should have? Thanks.

  31. Yes, the number in parenthesis at the end of each line is the number of stitches you should have upon completing that row. I've found it helpful on patterns when I'm unsure of an instruction. I just count the final number to determine if I followed the pattern properly.

  32. Love Love Love this pattern just wondering if I could get permission to sell my final product. I know as soon as the people at work see one I'm going to have to make them all one.

  33. runzin2wallz
    - Yes, you may sell this pattern as long as you reference this blog. You could write or type it on the back of your business card or if you're giving it to a coworker you can mention this blog as the pattern source by word of mouth or email. I know I haven't posted new tutorials in a while, but I do plan to start again eventually. I wish you well and appreciate your interest! :)

  34. Amber....I love it! I made one for my niece and she adores it. Can I sell the finished product on Etsy and at local craft fairs? I will definitely make sure you get the credit for the design

  35. Yes, you may cataryna5... Thank you for asking!

  36. So so cute! I made one for my son and posted a photo on my IG account (with a link to your blog) and I've received a request to make some! Would you mind if I made a couple to sell? Thanks! Sara :)

  37. Go for it! Thanks for your interest!

  38. May I use your pattern and sell the scarves? Debi

    1. Debi, yes you may. Please include a reference to this blog as the source of the pattern as I've asked others to do also. Thanks for you're interest!

  39. Hi Amber, I see that this pattern is written in UK terminology where a SC is a US DC. The images of the scarf shows that it is crocheted in US DC from what I can make out. Just a point of interest. A

    1. Interesting, I've never heard of such a thing. I learned all my terminology from videos & online reference sites. I'll have to look that up at some point. Thanks for the heads up!

  40. May I have permission to sell what I've made from this pattern? I will include a link to your blog :)

  41. May I have permission to sell? I will include a link at my etsy store.

  42. Can you please make a video of this?

  43. I read where to make it wider to add in multiples of 2. How many should I add if I want to make it 2" wider?

    1. Approximately 6 SC's. The best way to be certain is to measure a row of your own SC's & count how many are in 2" because some people crochet tightly or loosely. I did the math based on my scarf, which is 4.5" wide with 14 SC's. So, based on the math, I recommend adding 6. Good luck!

  44. As a Gator fan, I look forward to making a blue and orange gator scarf. Thank you for posting this pattern. :)

  45. Hi. I love alligators, so I'm thrilled to have a free pattern to make. I know I already have somebody interested in one of your own so I'd like to sell it to them. I'll certainly credit your pattern.

  46. Hi,amber I really love all these patterns you post it makes help me to make any lovely scarf pattern
    Thanks for this nice post

  47. hey amber i'm having some difficulty with the body, i cant seem to know how many stitches you will have after rows 25 and 26 (is 22 stitches correct?) and also if so how can i make that down to 14 once again?? thank you!! btw very adorable scarf so excited to finish mine!!

    1. In row 25, you are crocheting DC,TC,DC in one space followed by a SC in next space. In row 26, you are decreasing the DC,TC,DC from the prior row using HDC, followed by SC in next space which should be in SC from prior row. By repeating this, you're creating baubles. hope this helps... trying to type with newborn in my lap.

  48. hi amber i really love how my scarf turned out and i would like to sell some at local craft fairs, would that be ok? i will provide pattern/ design credits to you and your blog!! hope you are having a nice evening! :)

  49. Hi Amber, I am from Gator Nation and the SWAMP aka University of Florida. I would love to make and sell some of these and of course give you credit for your design. Thank you in advance and for sharing this pattern.

  50. I would like to sell some of these and giving you credit for your best design. Thank you in advance and for sharing this pattern.Florida Gator Apparel

  51. Thanks for your interest! As long as these are handmade and you give credit, sell as many as you like. Go for it! If you are making a large quantity to sell, such as making them through a factory, please contact me for details.

  52. May I have permission to sale finished product.

  53. I posted a link on a crochet facebookpage. I hope this is ok for you?

  54. Hello. I did the same, almost the same. You can open your own business and sell what you do with your hands:) I like your publishing. Hope you will have time to publish more interesting things. Best regards, custom essay writing service online.

  55. OK, I know this post is old...but has anyone tried putting legs on it? I'm making one for my nephew for Christmas and my husband and MIL think it will look too much like a snake if it doesn't have legs. (I think it's fine.) But I'm not good at coming up with my own thing so I thought I'd check here to see if anyone had thoughts! Regardless, I love this pattern! Super cute and easy!

    1. Hi Joanna - Yes, Jena D. sent a picture with legs: http://brightandshiny-lovelyandgood.blogspot.com/2011/11/gator-scarf-pictures.html
      I don't have her pattern though. Have a great weekend!

  56. Good morning! I just want to say that I love this pattern! Is it okay if I sell my finished products? I have a fall festival coming up in October, and the mascot for the high school (my old school) is a gator. Thank you so much in advance. Have a great day!!

  57. so cute! thanks for sharing. is it okay to sell the finished items?

  58. Hello, I'm Wendy Rademaker from The Netherlands and last week I find your pattern for the lovely gator scarf, I mentioned your scarf and link in my Facebookgroup: Haakwerkje ( Dutch crochet group ) so it's possible that there will be beautifull scarfs from your pattern in The Netherlands, Europe too. I also have a question: I make videotutorials on YouTube about stitches for crochet and there was a question if I can make a video how to make the scarf, not everyone can understand the English pattern so my question is if I can make a videotutorial in Dutch language and then I put in the description box on this YouTubevideo a link to your website that they also can find the original pattern and designer. So I will give credit to you as a designer in the video and in the description! I hope to hear from you soon. Friendly greetings from The Netherlands and I wish you a nice day, Wendy Rademaker

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  60. I'd like permission to sell a few of these.

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. ....well making rather a mess of this comment :) sorry :) I wanted to post :

      Hi, thank you for sharing this pattern :) I put a link to it in my Alligator Creative roundup :)
      Hope you are okay with this? Have a wonderful day! Christine

  62. I love this pattern. I have already made a few and given them as gifts. I would like to sell some also with your permission. I always include the pattern source even on things I give away. Thank you for a great pattern.


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